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In-House Design Team.

Consumers believe the hardest part of purchasing an LED sign is selecting the right product and LED manufacturer but in reality, that is the easiest part of the transaction.

What determines your level of success with your new LED display can be summed up in one statement, “Quality Content”. Most manufacturers do not help clients with producing quality content.  As a business owner, you understand exactly what advertisements you want to put on your LED display but here is the problem:

  • Who on your staff can create the advertisements?
  • How much time will they spend creating ads?
  • How do you create ads that achieve a marketing message and have a visual appeal?

Regardless of the LED sign purchased, you must have a team member on your staff to create quality content. This potentially means dedicating payroll to a graphic professional. This is why LED Partners provides our clients the unique opportunity to utilize our entire in-house “LED Design Team” to produce content for your LED display for the life of your account. No one knows your business like you do therefore, you come up with the marketing ideas and our “LED Design Team” will create the ads!

We encourage all of our clients to come visit our distribution center in Houston Texas. This gives our clients the opportunity to meet the team they will be working with.

Form Parameters

Online Ad Requests

When purchasing an LED sign from LED Partners, you have the opportunity to receive “Free Content Creation”. This means that you will be able to use our online request form to submit your ads to our Design Team. 

  • Must have a free content creation package.
  • Fill out the form to request 1 advertisement.
  • Submit before 3pm central time or your ad(s) will be delayed an extra business day.
  • Review and submit your request. You should get an email confirmation on the email you provided in the form.

Don’t know what parameters you have? Please email regina@ledoempartners.com to request what package you have.

impactful advertisement

Marketing Messages

It is important to have a rotation that represents who you are, the services you provide, promotions, sales, etc. 

For starters, what makes your product better than your competitors? Secondly, what services do you provide? Lastly, who is the audience you are targeting? Professional marketing messages is key to targeting your drive-by traffic. What is the time-sensitive information you are wanting your future customers to see. You will need to know how to design aesthetically impactful advertisements. This is where our In-House Design team comes in place.  We will help you every step of the way to make sure your ads are colorful and legible. When requesting ads from our In-House Design Team, you do not just get a regular ad, we make sure to test your ad on our showrom with  your specific sign size and resolution. As a result, you will receive a quality advertisment back. 

LED signs are very versatile and for this reason, you need to work with an LED manufacturer that is going to provide a tool marketing solution. 

LED Sign Turn Key Solutions

Parts Warranty

This ensures our clients to have free parts replacements in order to make sure your LED sign is running at all times. 

Software Training

Need to learn how to manage your LED Sign? Schedule training today!

Technical Support

Have our experienced local technicians help you from on-site service to software questions.ddsdSAD

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“Turn your drive by traffic into walk-in customers.”

Wow, I cannot say enough great things about this company. From Bidding the Sign, to the Install and now Tech support along the way. Lots of new bells and whistles on this sign and the Art Department have been awesome. Thanks!Kudos!

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