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Selecting a Manufacturer

Selecting a Company and Product

How to select a company

Every business should have an LED sign to ensure you capitalize on one of your most expensive assets, “Your Location”! You already pay a tremendous amount of money for your location so why not have the opportunity to allow for an LED sign to influence your return on investment. 

Your LED sign allows for drive-by traffic to understand exactly what products, services, or learn about who you are and what you support. LED signage is the “Only” marketing medium that you can own. Choosing the proper product and company to support is the most imporant factor to ensure that you receive the hightest return of investment for your location. 

Read below to understand what you should compare when selecting the proper LED sign company and product.

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Guide to Success

What to consider when comparing LED sign companies and product.

  • Go visit the company’s facility. You are entering a partnership with your LED provider. You must make sure you are comfortable with their product and team.
  • Visually inspect the actual product you are purchasing. For most people, this is the first LED sign you are buying so why not view the actual size and resolution before so you can compare the best option that fits your location’s needs.
  • Undestand who you are buying from. Are you buying for a reseller or the manufacturer? Resellers do not have the support team to service your purchase in the long term.
  • Understand the warranty. Learn the terms of the warranty of your LED sign purchase to make sure you are covered when support is needed. Most importantly, who will pay for the on-site service in the event of a service call? How much are the replacement parts going to be?
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