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Outdoor Digital Billboards

LED Billboards are the most dynamic advertising tool available for any market!


Reasons to get an led sign

Return on Investment.

Digital billboards are becoming the new and better way of advertising and bringing in customers!

Our main goal is to partner with our clients to explain how to maximize profitability with your new digital billboard purchase. Buying an LED billboard is the easy part of the transaction. Making sure that you have a team to support you throughout the process, ensures years of profitability wheater it is an advertising tool or an outdoor theater.

That is why LED Partners offers a free service called “Digital Billboard Assistance Program”, where our team will walk you through all the phases of completing your digital billboard project. Scroll below to learn more about the program. 


The Importance of

The Digital Billboard Assistance Program

LED Partners will guide you through the following stages in your digital billboard purchase:

  • Site Evaluation
  • Outdoor State Licensing
  • Billboard Permitting
  • Determining Optimal Billboard Size
  • Determining Correct Billboard Resolution
  • Create Revenue Model Based on Location
  • Structural Engineering Plans
  • Structural Planning
  • Electrical Configuration and Power Setup
  • Communication Configuration for Multi-Site Owners
  • Client Billing and Validation Planning
  • LED Billboard Purchase
  • Billboard Service and Support

The benefits

Why should you get an LED Billboard?

There are many ways you can benefit from a digital billboard. For starters, with an LED billboard, you will be able to communicate with the largest audience in Houston using multiple messages. In other words, digital billboards have the ability to display target messages at different times of the day. This will allow our advertisers to have more control over the timing of what they display.  Secondly, we offer free content management. In other words, our clients will be able to request new ads and work with our In-House Design Team to ensure that all advertisments are displayed correctly and most effectively. Lastly, our cloud based software. LED Partners now offers you the opportunity to manage your digital billboard online or by downloading our app from any device. As an illustration you wil be able to see what is currently playing, create new schedules, and use their built in content creator tools.

In conclusion, our digital billboards will allow for you to manage what is playing from anywhere in the country in order to target your drive-by traffic.


LED Sign Turn Key Solutions

Parts Warranty

This ensures our clients to have free parts replacements in order to make sure your LED sign is running at all times.

Free Unlimited Content Creation

Use our In-house design team to create professional advertisements.

Technical Support

Have our experienced local technicians help you from on-site service to software questions.ddsdSAD

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“Turn your drive by traffic into walk-in customers.”

Wow, I cannot say enough great things about this company. From Bidding the Sign, to the Install and now Tech support along the way. Lots of new bells and whistles on this sign and the Art Department have been awesome. Thanks!Kudos! Cyndi Herzing

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