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“We have been very pleased with our sign we purchased from LED Partners. The sign is used here in the town of Apache, Oklahoma as a community bulletin board and has worked out great. Having the programming support from the company is a real bonus and we have been very pleased with the quality and turnaround on the slides for the sign. I highly recommend this company. Bud Jones, City of Apache”

Frank Jones

City of Apache

“Excellent products and the customer service is even better than the products. My sales contact (Mike Anderson) spent as much (probably more) time educating me on the technology as we did trying to when my business. There after-the-sale support if phenomenal. There prices were competitive. The only way the sale could have been better is if they offered free products along with the excellent after-the-sale free customer support. lol”

Ron Mcelrath

The Word of God

“This company is awesome, if your in the market for an LED sign these are the people to see. From start to the life of the sign. Mrs Judy in sales, to all the people behind the scenes creating our content for the sign, which is FREE when you buy the sign from them are GREAT! Absolutely love them! Would get 10 stars if possible. Thank you LED Partners for helping us grow our business!”

Roy Daniels

Spring Creek Feed Center

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Free Content Creation

Why is Quality Content Important? As a business owner, the most difficult part ofpurchasing an LED display is getting the highest “Return on Investment”. After all, buying an LED sign is the easy part. Here at LED Partners we provide our clients the unique opportunity...

Selecting a Manufacturer

How to select a company Every business should have an LED sign to ensure you capitalize on one of your most expensive assets, "Your Location"! You already pay a tremendous amount of money for your location so why not have the opportunity to allow for...

LED Sign Education

Why is it important to compare products before buying an LED sign? Before purchasing an LED sign for your business, it is important to understand how to compare all LED manufacturers. This will ensure that you receive an "apples to apples" product...

Connect with your Community

How you connect with drive by traffic by owning an LED sign. Communicating with your location's drive by traffic is the most important in order to get the hightest return on investment. The advantage of having an LED sign is that you are allow to...

LED Screen Size and Sign Matrix Guide

What is Sign Matrix? Let's start by refering to the sign matrix, which is the actual space on one face of your LED sign that is populated with pixels. This will contribute of two measurments, the matrix height and the matrix width.  The matrix...

Pixel Pitch and Resolution Guide

What is a Pixel? Let's start off with the basics. You must understand what an LED pixel is in order to be able to compare each manufacturer. The word pixel refers to the smallest unit of measurment when dealing with LED signs. One pixel will consist...

Determining the Right Location for your LED Sign

How important is your location? Your location's physical characteristics hold the key to determining the correct LED sign size and LED resolution. Therfore, here at LED Partners we recommend for you to "Inspect" what you "Expect". In other words, LED Partners offers...

LED Partners Cloud Network Software

Why Choose LED Cloud Software? LED Partners now offers a cloud based software package that allows our clients to access and change their LED display from any computer or mobile device. In other words, this allows for our clients to manage their LED...