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Compare LED signs

Be educated on how to compare LED sign products to other manufacturers.

Why is it important to compare products before buying an LED sign?

Before purchasing an LED sign for your business, it is important to understand how to compare all LED manufacturers. This will ensure that you receive an “apples to apples” product comparison from each potential LED sign company so that you can select the best LED sign for your business.

Therefore, it is recommended for you to compare LED signs on the following five principles; pixel pitch also known as resolution, LED screen physical size, the total number of LED’s per sign face, services, and warranty. 

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What to compare


Pixel Pitch

Let’s start off with the basics. You must understand what an LED pixel is in order to be able to compare each manufacturer. The word pixel refers to the smallest unit of measurment when dealing with LED signs. One pixel will consist of a red, blue, green and blue LED. These colors are what gives your sign the ability to produce all colors. Typical pixel manufacturers use will contain either 3 or 4 LED’s per pixel.

LED Screen Size and Sign Matrix

Now that we know what an LED pixel is, let’s learn about how to compare LED screen sizes and how it translates into the sign matrix. The screen size is the physical dimensions of a sign face. The sign matrix refers to the actual space that is populated with pixels.

The Importance of the Total Number of LEDs per Sign Face

The total number of LEDs is very important when buying an LED sign. It is the total number of LED’s one sign face has. Being able to compare LEDs with different sign company’s can impact the quality of LED sign you end up purchasing.

LED Sign Services

What services comes with your purchase? Many companies do not offer any services after purchasing an LED sign. Here at LED Partners we offer the opportunity for Free Unlimited Content Creation. This allows you to have quality ads running on your sign at all times.

LED Sign Warranty

Congratulations, you now have an LED sign but what happens if something goes wrong? It is important to compare warranty packages so you know that your sign purchase is covered and has the support it needs in the future. 

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